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The clinic in Canada, which prescribed the first dose of the drug Mifegymiso, known as an abortion pill, was the Calgary’s Kensington Clinic. This medication became available for medical abortions in Canada in 2017. Since that time, about 2,800 doses of this medication have been prescribed in Canada. Most of them were prescribed to women in Calgary. According to the data provided by the Ministry of Health, since the time when this medication has become available, at least 13,000 prescriptions of the drug Mifegymiso have been prescribed in Canada to the women, who needed a medical abortion.

Since confidentiality may be a problem in small regions of the country, many women decide to travel many miles from their home to get a specialized help and get complete confidentiality. There are also some differences in the cost of the abortion pill between various provinces.

The clinics, such as Labrador and Newfoundland, have only recently begun offering the medication Mifegymiso to their clients, while the Yukon is just starting to use this drug. Other provinces have other difficulties in using the drug Mifegymiso for medical abortions.

Abortion pills Mifegymiso are not usually supplied to remote areas or rural areas, and in small settlements there is a problem with a woman’s access to an abortion. Women who live in the remote areas of Canada are forced to travel hundreds of kilometers to the nearest large medical center in order to get a possibility to have an abortion. Rural doctors usually do not want to participate in abortion service, especially when a medical abortion is needed, as they sometimes do not have necessary conditions for providing women with abortion and have a lack of necessary medications.

According to the statistics, the abortion pills are quite common in Canada, but the clinics also face a lot of problems. The medication Mifegymiso was approved by Health Canada in 2015, but it began to be shipped to Canada just in the year 2017. Despite the fact that this medication was approved and affordable, it took a lot of effort and time for the clinics and hospitals to begin offering this drug to their patients. And even though this medication became available, there are still some provinces in Canada, which do not receive Mifegymiso because of supply problems.


As for the price of the abortion pills, then it can vary and reach up to 450 dollars. The price can be cheaper when buying abortion pill online.

Despite the fact that the drug Mifegymiso has become legal, a problem has arisen related to the access and availability of the medication, and it also took time for the doctors to accept and start using this drug. Some clinics were able to get involved in the work with the drug very quickly, because they had already been working with surgical abortions and quickly mastered the procedure of a medical abortion. They quickly studied the mechanism of the action of abortion pills.

With the appearance of the drug Mifegymiso in Canada, more women have begun to choose a medical abortion, but in the provinces and remote areas of Canada, where there is still no access to a medical abortion, many women continue to choose surgical abortions.

Women in Canada have a strong preference for medical abortions, but unfortunately, not all clinics and hospitals provide women with medical abortions, as there is still a problem, connected with the accessibility of abortion pills in various Canada areas. Among the clinics that offer two types of abortion, about a half of them include medical abortions.