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In January 2018 the drug Mifegymiso, which is a medication used for medical abortions, became available in B.C. Five other provinces in Canada already offer this drug to the women, who need a medical abortion.

The drug Mifegymiso, also known as RU486, is expected to be available in pharmacies throughout B.C. This drug is released only after the doctor's prescription.

Mifegymiso is a drug, which is widely used for the termination of a pregnancy at an early pregnancy stage and is considered to be an alternative to surgical abortions. It is important that the drug can be taken only in the period of up to 9 weeks of the pregnancy. If a woman has a pregnancy period more than 9 weeks, then the medication will not be effective and the woman will be recommended to have a surgical abortion.

It is believed that if the drug becomes available in the provinces and remote territories of Canada, then this will greatly ease the abortion procedure for women and will not force them to travel many kilometers from home to large medical centers in search of medical abortion.

The cost of a medical abortion can be about $300, although the cost of medical abortions in different provinces can vary depending on the type of the clinic.

As for surgical abortions, then many women from provinces and remote areas usually go to the Victoria and Vancouver medical centers, where up to 90 percent of surgical abortions take place. This can be a great difficulty for many women who do not have the opportunity to travel so far from their native areas.

This problem is gradually being solved, since now a woman does not need to leave her daily affairs in order to go very far to get an abortion. Abortion is now available in the local clinic. In this case, a woman should visit her doctor at a local clinic or a hospital. She will get the necessary medical examination and, if the woman needs a medical abortion, then the doctor can prescribe her abortion pills, since they are now available in the provinces.


As for the safety of the medication, it can be noted that the drug Mifegymiso is widely known and affordable drug for medical abortions in more than 60 countries for about 30 years and there is no doubt about its safety and effectiveness.

Usually, before your doctor prescribes you abortion pills Mifegymiso, then firstly you should have an ultrasound scan, which is necessary in order to be sure that you do not have an ectopic pregnancy.

The Mifegymiso medication contains two component medications. They are mifepristone and misoprostol. Before you receive the prescription of this drug, you must receive the instructions for use from your doctor. Typically, the time of taking the drug covers up to 48 hours. After taking the medication, the woman begins to experience such symptoms as bleeding and cramps that provoke a condition similar to an early miscarriage. At this time it is better for the woman to stay at home in a comfortable environment until the severe symptoms end. The bleeding usually ends in 1-2 days.

B.C. pharmacies now are able to order this drug in the required quantities and it is available in the pharmacies that are located in rural areas.

Medical experts note that the measures taken to increase the availability of the medication Mifegymiso were correct. These measures will help to establish justice, so that women from different localities, large cities or small villages, could have a possibility to equally receive medical care in their native places.